Whitby Motorcars Soft Top

This top will fit FFR MK1- MK4, all models.

This style top has been used on Lone Star, Everette Morrison, Hurricane and others as well. On the longer wheelbase models the side curtains require modification.

This top is ideal for extending your driving season!  

The top is made from Stayfast cloth and supported by four cross bows. The rear window is over sized and improves rearward visibility. When not in use the top stores easily in the trunk of your roadster. Included with the top are two framed zip in windows, made from the same material as the top.

We manufacture our own billet aluminum header bows, all top components are manufactured by Whitby in the USA. Special thanks to David Ward, Earl Groce and everyone else who helped develop and test this top.

Custom colors are available, most standard colors are $100.00 more than the black. Special prices and delivery will be quoted on request. 

Link to PDF file of reference instructions( Thanks Randy!)

These instructions are for reference only and may not be the most current, please refer to the instructions received with your top for installation.


Soft Top Door Template


Soft Top Body Template


Please use the instructions that ship with your top, as they are updated periodically

SOFTTOP $1600.00

Top Frame Installed

Drivers Side View

Right Front Quarter View

Rear View

Left Front Quarter View

Right Front Quarter View

Right Front Quarter View

Passenger Side View

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